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practical target group
Professionals who completed the 2-year NARM training.

10 days in 2 modules of 5 days each. 
4 Individual sessions and 6 supervision sessions  (minimum of 2 supervision sessions with Larry Heller and minimum of 2 supervision sessions must be individual)  and 1 live session (or recorded) with  debrief are obligatory to graduate. 
Larry Heller

18-22 May 2019 and 3-7 September 2019

Kaap Doorn, in Doorn (www.kaapdoorn.nl)

€1920 for the 10 day training.
Obligatory accommodation costs: €175,- for day stay per module of 5 days.
Total costs for 10-day training and day stay : €2270,-
(Day stay costs are costs for coffee/tea/water/lunch/soft drinks/refreshments)
Costs for overnight stay in Kaap Doorn are appr. €75 per room per night breakfast included, dinner €30,- per evening. (both not obliged)
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