Lichaamsgeoriënteerde Psychotherapie

Workshops and trainings in English

More than 25 years Bodymind Opleidingen has been organising professional education, workshops and trainings in the field of body oriented psychotherapy. Some of these trainings are international orientated. Most of the time international trainers are invited to the Netherlands to share their insights and skills with professionals who want to develop themselves further in their profession.
The trainings and workshops are English spoken. 

International trainings (Engelstalig)

Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing is a psycho-somatic method for resolving trauma. The method has been developed by Dr. Peter Levine. He published his vision on the healing of trauma in his book ’Waking the tiger’ and many other publications.

Neuroaffective Relational Model (NARM)
Training in 4 modules over a period of two years on the Neuroaffective Relational Model, developed by Larry Heller, regarding the fundamental tasks and functional unity of biological and psychological development. 

Trauma & Spirituality
 In this workshop we will explore the theory and research that bridge the gap between trauma and spiritual openings, and explore some of the methods that can allow deep feelings of connection to    emerge from the darkest experiences

Integral Somatic Psychology
12 Days course in 3 modules on ISP, developed by Rajah Selvam, based on Western and Eastern psychology,


Nieuwe website BMO

Er wordt hard gewerkt aan een nieuwe Bodymind website, naar verwachting wordt deze begin mei gelanceerd. Ons nieuwe logo onthullen we hierbij alvast, je zult dit de komende tijd steeds vaker gaan tegenkomen! 


Algemene informatie

Nieuws en actueel

Lichaamsgerichte Diagnosiek en Interventies voor professionals
Jaartraining voor professionals, Start september  in Rotterdam. 
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